Located in Oakland California since 2003

Montano Velo Bicycle Shop is Closing its Doors February 1, 2017.


The time has come for Montano Velo to hang up its apron in the bike shop retail arena! We'll be closing our doors for good as of February 1st. It's right around the corner, we know, but all the more reason to come into the shop during this last month and get some killer deals on bikes and accessories and parts as we'll be liquidating the retail 'front of house' over the month of January!


February 4th, Saturday we'll be having a closing - THANK YOU PARTY - for Oakland and the bike community that has supported and loved us for the past 14 years from 5pm till we decide to stop having fun and saying goodbyes. (flyer to follow!)


We'll be transitioning the back of the shop space to become Broakland hand built frames and wheels moving forward!! So don't be too sad for us as it's a big dream to move forward into the business of custom frames and wheels. Same physical address, but focused on small batch manufacturing and parts right here in Oakland! Follow our Broakland website for updates as we move forward.


Come on down this month, and please make time to join us for beer and stories and community on February 4th!!


4266 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611